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The National Agency for the Regulation of Activities relating to Cannabis, created under the provisions of Law No. 13-21, is responsible for the implementation of the State Strategy in the field of cultivation, production, manufacturing, transformation, commercialization, export of cannabis and the import of its products for medical, pharmaceutical and industrial purposes.


To this end, the Agency is responsible for the following tasks :

  • Grant, renew and withdraw authorizations in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 13-21 on the legal uses of cannabis;
  • Ensure the application of the provisions of the aforementioned law in coordination with the competent public authorities;
  • Ensure the maintenance of the state of cannabis stocks and provide the competent international body with the assessments and information requested in application of the international commitments of the Kingdom of Morocco, after consultation with the various competent governmental authorities;
  • Control cultivated plots, cannabis manufacturing and Transformation units and storage warehouses to ensure compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned law;
  • To give its opinion on the draft laws and regulations relating to its field of competence, which are submitted to it by the Government;
  • Ensure coordination between government departments and the institutions concerned in order to support and supervise advisory services to the public sector and professionals concerned by the production chains, in terms of techniques and farm management, production, valorization and commercialization of cannabis, in particular by the search for national and international markets;
  • Contribute to the protection of the national product in coordination with government departments and relevant institutions;
  • Cooperate, under agreements, with research centers and public and private, national and international organizations working in the field of cannabis, in particular for the certification of seeds and seedlings;
  • Develop specifications and good practice guides;
  • Ensure coordination between government departments and relevant institutions to mentor growers and producers in advising on plant disease control;
  • Ensure field monitoring of all cannabis operations;
  • Ensure coordination between government departments and relevant agencies in order to encourage rural women, on the basis of the gender approach, to carry out the activities governed by the above-mentioned law;
  • Compile statistical data on the cultivation, production, manufacturing and Transformation of cannabis and submit them to the relevant government authorities;
  • Propose actions and measures to put an end to the illicit use of cannabis, and to raise awareness of the economic, social, health and environmental risks they entail;
  • Ensure coordination between government departments and relevant institutions in order to supervise and encourage the professional organization of the cannabis sector;
  • Contribute to the development of alternative crops and non-agricultural activities for the benefit of the population of the provinces concerned with a view to putting an end to illicit cannabis cultivation;
  • Conduct, in collaboration with research centers and relevant public and private bodies, studies and research related to cannabis and publish applied research;
  • Contribute to publicizing the Kingdom’s efforts in the field of licit uses of cannabis and its derivatives and to strengthening bilateral, regional and international cooperation in this field
  • Prepare an annual report on the Agency’s activities.
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